Due to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) extending the FEP enrollment period, Blue Cross Blue Shield FEP BlueVisionSM member ID cards/packets may not be received by all enrollees before the December 31, 2006 effective date. If a FEP BlueVisionSM member requests services and does not have a Blue Cross Blue Shield FEP BlueVisionSM member ID card, please accept a BENEFEDS confirmation notice or a copy of the FEDVIP enrollment form as proof of enrollment. To verify coverage for FEP BlueVisionSM members, call 1-800-773-2847.

Please remember that all Federal employees with Blue Cross Blue Shield medical coverage (including those that did not enroll in the FEP BlueVisionSM Premier program) are entitled to receive services in your office under the FEP Affinity Plan. Under that plan, the patient will pay for all services and materials at the point of service according to the FEP Affinity Plan schedule. Under the Affinity Plan, your office will supply all materials and laboratory services through your customary sources.

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